Are you looking for some lunchtime inspiration? Look no further – healthy lunch ideas right here!

Healthy lunch ideas was started to bring lunch back en vogue – as a resource for those who eat lunch at work, for parents packing lunch boxes for kids, for adventurers who want to eat their lunch on the highest mountain – we have ideas for you!

The ultimate goal of the Healthy Lunch Idea site is to get you loving lunch again:

1. Eat healthy lunches -we give you suggestions to create your own quality lunch options – quick recipes and ideas so you are never bored, and have more fun eating lunch!

2. Eat your lunch in style – tote your lunch in a great looking lunchbox or bento (Japanese lunch box). We research different lunch box options and will help you find the perfect ones.

3. Lunch recipes and cookbook reviews – we read through cookbooks so that you don’t have to! Come for healthy lunch recipes, and if we stumble across cookbooks that we think you will love – we will review them here.

4. Ideas for brown bag lunches – sometimes your office needs to cater a lunch event – we give suggestions for healthy and environmentally friendly options that can wow your co-workers and bosses.

5. Lunch Snack Ideas – looking to stock your desk with a couple of healthy snacks for lunch or in between meals? The healthy lunch idea site is always testing new snack products to make recommendations for you!


While this blog is not run as a money making venture,  please note that if you purchase books or products that are mentioned on this site, such as from, Healthy Lunch Idea will receive (fractions of a cent, or cents) from your purchases. And while it’s always recommended that you shop at your local independent bookstores, cooking stores, etc. these small amounts only help to keep this blog running!

While the majority of books and kitchen gadgetry mentioned on the blog have been purchased from our own resources, occasionally we will receive products for review – please note, we will *always* disclose that we have received a product for review, and frankly, we won’t post about it if we don’t like it, but reviews will be our honest opinion. We try to review products that we feel fit within the healthy living theme.

Health Disclaimer:

Please note that I am not a doctor or an RD, but trained as a certified health and wellness consultant through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For further help regarding medical illnesses such as eating disorders, please contact your doctor or local RD for advice. For more information, please contact me at info [at]

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