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Breakfast Hack: Oatmeal in a Jar

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This is my breakfast today!

A jar of Nutella!!


Ok, so it’s actually my oatmeal…

My Nutella jar was just about empty, with just a teaspoon or two of nutella still clinging to the sides. Rather than just tossing it into the recycling, I put my hot oatmeal in the jar, and then it melts the remaining nutella, and you get some chocolate hazelnut goodness in every bite!

This is also the perfect solution for peanut butter jars, jam jars, or anything else that might normally taste good stirred into oatmeal.

Now, normally if it is glass jar, I’ll just stick my oatmeal into the jar and microwave it. But this being nutella, which is a) plastic, and b) has tiny gold foil bits from the lid sticking to the rim, microwaving is not advisable and may cause sparks in your microwave. This I may or may not have learned from experience. Dumping the warmed oatmeal in works just fine.


Now, I know that Nutella isn’t the greatest food nutritionally, but in limited quantities – just a teaspoon or two! will add excellent chocolat-y goodness to your morning oats. I highly recommend it.


What are your favorite jars for oatmeal??

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4 Comments on “Breakfast Hack: Oatmeal in a Jar”

  1. 1 Kat said at 3:46 pm on February 25th, 2010:

    Ha! That’s so funny. I guess you do whatcha gotta do to get all that yummy Nutella from the jar!

  2. 2 seejanemom said at 2:24 pm on February 26th, 2010:


    Now what do you suggest for a DUKE’S mayonnaise jar?

  3. 3 admin said at 2:31 pm on February 26th, 2010:

    As for the mayo jar – easy take to work lunch!!

    Just dump in the ingredients for tuna salad, screw the top back on and pop it in your bag!

    You could do the same with some “deviled egg” just pop in a few hard boiled eggs, maybe a squeeze of mustard, salt, pepper, and a little lemon zest… It won’t be too much mayo, and you could take it to work and mash it all when you want to eat it!!

  4. 4 Kayla @ Fitterthanchoc said at 7:10 pm on February 6th, 2011:

    Oohh..I love oatmeal in a jar:) My favourite will be almond butter~ I enjoy cleaning out the last bit of jam/spread/nut butter by having my oatmeal in a jar!

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