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Healthy Lunch Gift Idea: Fitbit One

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Fitbit One

Fitbit One 

I focus mostly on healthy food on this blog, but I’d be remiss not to mention this incredible health tool which I use every day: the Fitbit.

I’ve been using a Fitbit every day for almost two years now (I was an early adopter), and I absolutely love it. It would be a perfect gift for anyone looking to boost their healthy habits, or a gift for yourself!

The Fitbit is a nifty (and cute) little tool to help you achieve a higher level of movement during the day. It’s a gentle reminder to get up, walk around a little bit, and keep active. Why is this important? The average American walks less than 3000 steps a day. 5000 steps are generally recommended for baseline fitness, and 10000 if you are trying to lose weight. I don’t walk 10000 steps every day, but the Fitbit certainly helps me get in some extra steps.

What does the Fitbit do?

1. Primarily it is an incredibly useful pedometer. It measures your steps, the number of stairs you climb, how far you walk in a day, how many calories you burn, and your general activity level throughout the day. You can press a little button on your Fitbit to toggle through the different data during the day while it is clipped discreetly to your pants.

2. It also measures your sleep! You can slide it in a soft wrist band, and it has an accelerometer to measure your movements and sleep patterns. It’s unobtrusive – I rarely notice that it is there.

3. It uploads wirelessly to your computer, and turns your personal data into beautiful (and readable) graphs and charts. (Free!)

Here are a couple of snapshots of my charts below:

The activity monitor tells you all of the important data in one spot. (Don’t feel bad, I don’t typically get in this many steps during the day…)

You can then see how you performed throughout the day: this graph tells you how active you were at different time periods. The chart breaks down the activity levels into a really clear picture of who much time you spent in different active zones.

Finally, you can monitor your sleep patterns. This was an evening where I a) went to bed pretty early, b) fell asleep faster than ever, and c) got in an ungodly amount of sleep. It was delightful!

When clients or friends are looking to improve their health, I never advocate drastic diets or fitness regimens – one of the best ways to get healthier is to make small changes and add more of the good stuff to your life. For me, walking is the best way to keep healthy and fit, and the Fitbit is an invaluable tool to help me do this. I highly recommend it.

If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Fitbit Ultra

$99 (or $94 at the time of this post)

Delivering Happiness

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Brunch: Fresh Farm Egg (from Tomales) omelet with oregano and feta cheese, and a whole wheat pita. I attempted a Jacques Pepin style omelet as witnessed two nights ago on Anthony Bourdain, but this ended up a little bit more like scrambled eggs after I lost patience with his method.

Today I had a day off – a little odd for a Wednesday, and truly made the most of it. I cleaned, I ate two point five home cooked meals, I *finally* went on a longish walk and enjoyed the sunshine, I sat in a cafe and drank iced masala chai, I got done more errands, and I made a tasty dinner. Oh, and I read an entire book.

This book:  Tony Hsieh’s ‘Delivering Happiness’ (pre-order it here on Amazon). I got an advanced copy after hearing Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose discuss it on their random show. I’ve written more about how much I like it over on

Rather than sitting in my house all afternoon reading, I walked over to the Castro, and I sat down at Samovar tea lounge to get my read on. I ordered my favorite, their iced masala chai, which comes in this beauteous metal glass. And after a few minutes of reading, I glanced over to my left…. and there was Tim Ferriss (original recommend-er of book I was reading). I opted not to be crazy fan girl, and let him get his work done, but it was a pretty neat coincidence.

I briefly took a break in reading this afternoon to go on an errand to Target, where we saw this exercise in… art/patience/obsession – perhaps a college art project? Or just a lot of afternoons of boredom put to better use….

When we got home I was itching to finish my book, so I put together an easy dinner that I just made up on the fly – a sweet potato, caramelized onion with bacon, rosemary, and goat cheese bake. It was loosely inspired by my favorite pizza at Veggie Planet in Harvard Square – the ‘Lunch for Henry’ which along side their ‘Mexican bean’, I have dreams of on a regular basis.

I preheated the oven to 400 F, then sauteed half an onion in a little bit of olive oil and a slice of chopped bacon for about 10 minutes. I then layered some thinly sliced sweet potato in this foil lined pie plate. I layered in the onion mixture after it had started to brown, and then I crumbled on a few ounces of fresh goat cheese, topped with another layer of sweet potato, and then shaved on some parmigiano reggiano. I covered it with foil, baked it for 30 minutes, took off the foil, and baked it for another 15. It could have used another 10 minutes to get more crispy, but I was hungry, and it tasted sufficiently delicious.

Finally, if anyone is looking to buy real estate in my neighborhood (Noe Valley), I noticed this beauty up for grabs:

I’m sure it’s going for around 1.5 million.

Oatmeal and Candlelight Yoga

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I’m still struggling to get enough sleep these days. I’m definitely an 8 to 9 hour sleeper, and getting 6 to 7 throws me off and makes for a cranky morning! Last night I decided that I was going to be proactive though, and I registered for a yoga class for this morning, knowing that even if I wasn’t feeling up to it, I’d go, because I had already paid for it. I think this is the trick!

I woke up at seven, and made myself some of my already made steel cut oats, and stirred in a tablespoon of Justin’s Maple Almond Nut Butter, and some cinnamon. I moved it all around with my spoon until I couldn’t eat anymore, and then just popped it in a container and took it with me. (I’m actually still eating it as I type this). Sometimes, I just can’t get in very much breakfast, but I try to have even a little bit to wake up my metabolism.


I headed out to Valencia street for my class at the Yoga Tree over in the mission. I loved practicing this week at the Yoga Tree on Castro, but Valencia is a tad closer to where I live if I want to get in a session before work in the mornings, and I thought I’d check it out.

Getting in a little early though, I headed in to Ritual Roasters, to have a teeny tiny cup of coffee. I opted for a single shot cappuccino. Just a little one! Not too much caffeine for me!

Ritual Roasters

Here it is:

Ritual Coffee

Their foam art is so pretty!

The fellow across from me was reading the Financial Times. Aside from being an incredibly interesting newspaper, they print it on a salmon colored newsprint. I used to see a lot more of these on the East Coast, but apparently people in SF are less likely to be interested? A lack of investment bankers?

Ritual Coffee and Paper

I read my copy of Runner’s World to give me some motivation to put lots of energy into my yoga practice. I’m not really a dedicated runner, but the incredible stories in that magazine are great for any sort of personal achievement motivation.

Half of Coffee

I love how my heart flower stayed at the top until I finished my coffee!

Energized, I headed over to Yoga Tree.

More Candlelight Yoga

Candlelight yoga is a class where deep asanas are practiced with the lights off and the room lit only by candles. It’s a great way to start the morning and increase your presence and focus. There were about 40 people in the room, and we got cozy with one another! It was so beautiful!!

Candlelight yoga

The class was led by Pete Guinosso, who is currently leading a 40 day consecutive practice of yoga. There were quite a few 40-day folks in today’s class, and I have to say, I’m kind of in awe of this dedication. I enjoyed Pete’s guiding of our session – but must admit that a few times found myself giggling because he is an entertaining fellow! (I don’t see anything wrong with some lightheartedness in a hard session – he led us well.)

During my yoga, I thought about my health, being thankful that I’m able to move and push my body more and more every day. I noticed a marked increase in my flexibility, even from last week. I also thought about my friends and family, and even the people who I have struggles with.

After about an hour and fifteen minutes of some hard practice, I was sweating up a storm! (There’s no after shot today, because I had to get to work!) I’m really hoping that this is something I will do more often. The high after the fact is pretty wonderful.

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