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Monday, An Exercise in Lifestyle Design.

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I used to dread Monday. Well, most people dread Monday.

We are supposed to hate Monday, right? Society dictates that Monday is a horrible, tragic, no good day – when you are a kid it’s the day you have to go back to school and slave away. As an adult, the day that the good life ends and you re-enter some sort of hellish zone that is the “work week”.

Ah, but Evil Monday no more! I’ve been making a concerted effort to make Monday one of the best days of my week. If you start with a great Monday, it tends to spill over to at least Wednesday.

So I woke up yesterday to a bowl of cream of wheat. Pre-Candlelight-Yoga-Cream-of-Wheat. This class is my new secret happy. 40 people in a room together, with peaceful candles, chanting, and body contortion. A yoga instructor who makes us giggle and tells silly jokes. The remedy to a dreary Monday.

pre-yoga cream of wheat

Before I get there, I make an early stop at Ritual Roasters for my morning coffee. I’ve been sitting down and reading there for a half hour or so before yoga. (The other reason I go to coffee is that I get a ride over there if I leave early enough.) Sometimes, not having to walk to your exercise is a good thing.

Coffee Dripping at Ritual

Yesterday I had a cup of their Esperanza. I’m always re-reading parts of the 4-hour work week for inspiration, so I sat there flipping through it (ok, technically it’s on my ipod)  as I drank my coffee, spied on other patrons, and got into a happy place.

mug of coffee

And then there was Yoga. I don’t always love yoga as I’m doing it. Sometimes it makes me feel horrible. Not that I’m doing things wrong, but I’m sweaty, hair is in my eyes, and my body doesn’t always like holding poses. But the high I get for the next few days is GREAT.

Yesterday was a hard yoga practice for me. I wasn’t quite in it, I was a sweaty mess, and we were supposed to be working on equanimity – focusing on the moment and awareness without breaking the moment by paying attention to distractions – ie: sweat dripping off our nose or our hair in our eyes.

Nevertheless, I finished, slightly unsure of things.

post yoga

And then I went off to work, and already the magic was working – even though the practice itself had been off. I was cheerful and motivated. For lunch I ate leftover mystery stew. (Pasta, chicken sausage, yams, parsnip, tomato sauce, baked beans, and various seasonings.) It was actually better the second day, which didn’t surprise me.

leftover stew

The weather during the day was WEIRD. It was sun, rain, hail, sun, rain, over and over again. Apocalypse? I wasn’t worried, I was still on my yoga high. I tried to capture the torrential downpour – while the sun was out – you can see the rain in front of the trees.


When I got home in the afternoon, I made a quick snack. Tortilla, cheddar, a few slices of sopressata, and an egg. And a spoonful of milk jam. I didn’t need to add the sugar hit, but I did anyway.

afternoon snack

I went out with Devon for a few errands, and then headed over to the store to pick up some dinner foods.

I was craving leafy greens, so I made myself a plate of sautéed kale and chorizo. Devon, not liking kale so much got some pasta primavera with his chorizo link. I put a lone kale piece on his plate which he ate, so all was not lost.

March 9 023

We both had a big bowl of leafy salad with peppers and chickpeas alongside.

leafy salad

After dinner, we sat and watched tivo’d Anthony Bourdain travel to Ireland, and then another episode about Obsession, including several interviews with food bloggers, which hit close to home 😉 I debated dessert, and ultimately settled on holding back, listening to my body, and not my emotional craving for a bowl of oatmeal with chocolate and peanut butter and coconut.

All in all, a very nice Monday.

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