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Rain and Black Bean Soup

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It’s hard not to be bummed out by all of the rain, but it’s certainly good for the plants, and I just have to remind myself that it is still temperate weather in February and not sleeting or snowing around here.

I woke up and had a cup of black coffee in my pretty new mug. I was a little zonked this morning, having slept 8 full hours and then lay in bed a bit longer. I needed it!


After waiting gruffly for my bi-weekly farm box to arrive (so late! and he left my door wide open!), I ended up almost forgetting breakfast (sometimes it happens!) but managed to grab an English muffin slathered with a little bit of farmers cheese at the last minute. I used to really dislike English muffins, but I have to concede that they are pretty useful.

english muffin

I walked the six minutes to work, and was completely soaked, even with my umbrella! I’ve been wandering around work all day like a shoeless hippy, because my flats were drenched. ( I know! I know! She lives in San Francisco and doesn’t own rainboots?!! I’m going to get them one day.. )

Fortunately, one saving grace is that when it is grey and raining, colors l0ok so saturated! Such as this bright orange beetle parked outside work, which made me happy!

orange bug

I set up the makeshift umbrella holder at work.


Lunch today was another cop-out. I try not to eat out of so many cans, but when things get stressful, even I end up slipping.

Some Cuban Style Black Beans from Trader Joe’s – which are a little bit lackluster on their own, but are a great base for some doctoring! I actually just brought the can and my can-opener to work!

Feb 22 007

I stirred in a cup of my leftover Casa Sanchez Fresh Salsa Roja, which was the perfect addition! It was cold, but refreshing – almost like a black bean gazpacho. If I were at home, I might have added some cumin and fresh cilantro, but it was pretty great all things considered.

Feb 22 010

Around 4:30 I bit into my apple. I usually wait until I’m actually hungry and not craving food – and 4:30 seems to be about the usual apex of hunger. It was the perfect antidote.

Feb 22 006

Just a few more minutes of work, and then off into the monsoon!!!

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