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Burritos, Twice in One Week

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I’ve been finishing up all my loose ends this week, and not quite getting everything done on time. So, I’m a little behind here:

Last Night’s Dinner:

1. The last of some home made granola. I can’t share the recipe, because it’s still in testing (and isn’t mine to share, alas), but I can attest to it being seriously delicious. I just poured the milk right in the container.


2. A lone stuffed poblano pepper with shrimp from Trader Joe’s. I added a little bit of sriracha on top for some heat, and then after realizing I may have added a little too much I added some yogurt. (Not pictured.) And then I put on some leftover tomato sauce, because I was still hungry.

traderjoes poblano.JPG

Today I decided to roam away from the roost to get some work done, so I hopped in a car and headed over the bridge with Devon to Hayward (where he works), so I could have a little change of scenery.

My first stop was lunch, as it was late and I had yet to eat anything:

A Panda Bowl from Panda Express – with Beef Broccoli and Mixed Vegetables, and a smidge of rice.

panda bowl.JPG

I know you may be thinking… Panda Express? Is this for real? But here is why I like their food:

a.) Fresh vegetables, and never stingy with them

b.) Light on sauce, but quite flavorful

c.) Nutrition Information that is relatively uplifting (ie – several dishes under 250 calories for the entire portion)

beef and broccoli.JPG

After lunch, I headed to Eon Coffee, on Hesparian in Hayward, right across from Chabot community college. It’s an independent coffee shop that everyone seems to like (from both personal recommendations and yelp) so I decided I’d plant down there for a while and see what I thought of it.

I had a mug of organic earl gray tea, topped with a bit of steamed soy. They didn’t charge me for the added soy, which was bonus number one! I sat down on a comfy sofa next to a woman grading exams, and proceeded to be supremely productive, so I have to say it was a success.

My tea was delicious, the company pleasant, and the ambiance nice. They were playing a selection of late nineties/early 2k music, which was distracting at times only because I forget that thousands of song lyrics are stuck wasting space in my head even though I’ve long forgotten about the songs…

tea at eon.JPG

In the late afternoon, I picked up Dev, and we headed over to CSUEastBay to take some pictures for a project he is working on.

I snapped this one in the library. I love books!

And those jeans, which were an art project.

csueastbay library.JPG   

We took a nice long walk around campus, and then headed home.

But not before taking a pit stop to pick up burritos at Papalote.


I know that I don’t need to be eating rich food so often, but I couldn’t turn it down.

This time, gluttony won me over: a carne asada super burrito (hold the sour cream, but I ate the rice), half a cheese tortilla, chips and salsa. I’m feeling stuffed.


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