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A Warm Bowl of Chicken and Polenta

Posted: February 15th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | No Comments »

Today was another busy day at the bookstore, and I didn’t get in my lunch until 3 o’clock! Leftover Lentil Vegetable Soup, lots of green tea, and alas, that orange is still sitting on the counter there – I’ll get to it tomorrow. The lentil soup, unsurprisingly, was even better today for lunch!


Sometime in the afternoon things really started getting crazy, when I heard squawking from the back area we share with the pet store. And that’s when Beth brought this gal out:


That’s a “free range” tattoo…

Grandma Hippie Chick!

According to her tag: “Grandma Hippie Chick left her Kentucky coop to be a”free bird”: barefoot and beaded. She performed at the “Chickenstock” Festival of ’69, where 500,000 birds gathered for 3 days of music & peace. Henrietta was conceived in a blur of psychedelic hormones & free love. Grandma Hippie Chick now lives a quiet life on the farm with her true love Grampa Gimpy Hip”

What a hoot!

You can pick up one of these for only seven dollars on Amazon! They are actually dog toys, but I imagine would make a pretty good gag gift for just about anyone.


I hate to admit it, but…

She inspired dinner.

I picked up half of an organic free range chicken at the market (did you know you can ask for half of a chicken?), and tried out another recipe from Lucinda Scala Quinn’sMad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys. This time, the vinegar glossed chicken over polenta. Polenta is the italian version of grits – it’s made from ground cornmeal, and is often cooked in stock and finished with a little bit of cream and cheese.

The chicken marinated in garlic, rosemary, and red wine vinegar. Later on I seared it, add a little chicken stock and let it cook, and then add the vinegar at the end and reduce it into a sauce. It took about half an hour from start to finish.

marinating chicken.JPG

I made the polenta with low sodium chicken stock and a tiny bit of Straus half and half. I’m not a stickler for sitting there and stirring for half an hour, I sort of just let it go on a low simmer for a half hour, stirring every time I go near the kitchen.


I thought the finished product was really great – creamy and comforting polenta, topped with the tangy chicken. I could not have enjoyed it more, although, to be fair Devon wasn’t the biggest fan – the vinegar is pretty pronounced. Also, my skin wasn’t very crispy because it ends up steaming a fair bit, which is probably better, because I don’t need to be eating all that skin anyway! Tasty tasty tasty!

chicken and polenta.JPG

I’m still on the fence about dessert. I’m actually pretty stuffed, and.. erm… didn’t actually have any vegetable with my dinner.   I’m watching some Olympics, (actually the tivo’d opening ceremonies at the moment) but at some point will do some sort of exercise. I’m only at 4900 steps, and I’d like to get back on track to my 10k. Maybe if I get to my 10k steps I’ll reward myself with a piece of chocolate. Ah, moderation.

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