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A Rough Few Days

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It’s been a rough few days.

Early in the week I was feeling a tinge of anxiety. Sometimes it just pops up and I’m not quite sure what causes it. Usually the littlest things add to it, and by the end of the week it was a staggering feeling. What can I do to reduce it? Exercise, eat healthily, and give myself a little break.

So here I am, this morning. Not quite 100% but getting there.

I got a new coffee grinder! Huzzah! The last of my Ritual Roasters coffee whirred up into a nice grind for my drip cup.


And some soup for breakfast: cabbage, corn, pasta, and these really big beans from Phipps country store. Warm, comforting, and hydrating.

bean soup.JPG

I’m taking it slow today.

Tuna Melts

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Still haven’t made it out of the house – I’ve been really drained these past few days, and for some reason can’t shake it. I know that a nice walk will probably help, so I’m working up to it.

I did make myself a nice colorful lunch though:

A tuna melt on a pita, some chopped carrots, and a fresh herb salad. The tuna salad had celery, a chopped soft boiled egg, some tomatillo salsa, a chopped chile, tapatio, and some chile powder, caraway, and cumin. Oh, and some lime juice!

For the salad, I just chopped up some parsley, celery leaves, and dill, and topped them with some lemon juice, good olive oil and a dash of salt. No lettuce! It’s a nice, springy, herby salad that goes great with almost anything, but I love having with any sort of fish.

tuna melt.JPG

Walk’ Walk’ Walkin

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I’m writing up this post quickly so I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine! (That and to walk, walk, walk off the 3 or so pounds I’ve gained in the past week from eating everything in sight). In addition to my added food intake, the day-light savings threw me off so much that I didn’t go to yoga on Monday. I need to get back into the swing of things!

On Sunday things started out with a whole day food photography workshop – I was eating for the cause! We started off at Contigo, and had a variety of little plates to shoot (and eat.) I’m not posting the photos, because I’m still editing and arranging that set (I’ll post them soon!) but it included grilled sardines, poached egg with asparagus, flatbread, fried baby fish, various salumi, cheeses, and some excellent cake.

Sunday Lunch:

After walking around shooting food all day long, I scored this Carnitas taco from the Mission that another of my fellow photographers took back with her to the critique session!


And after the workshop, I headed out with friends for some salted caramel ice cream from Bi-rite. I was actually really hungry, and this succeeded mostly in giving me a sugar high.


When I came home, I made some lamb hash with the leftover Ad Hoc lamb. I served it with eggs and an english muffin. Where are my vegetables??!!!

lamb hash.JPG

Evening snack (I’m not sure what I was thinking): 1/2 of an english muffin with some pizza sauce and cheese. Although, in fairness, when one has eaten healthily all day long, this snack wouldn’t be terrible. (I hadn’t though.)


The next day, I tried to redeem myself.

Monday Breakfast:

Oats in a jar! I finally was getting down to the bottom of the Barney Butter jar, and decided to put my warm steel cut oats in it. And a cup of coffee from Martha brothers, as my grinder is still broken and I haven’t replaced it.

oats in a jar.JPG

Monday Lunch:

Barney butter sandwich, carrots, and a pear. I was still pretty hungry after this.

pb sandwich.JPG

Monday Dinner:

After work, we decided to make a pilgrimage to IKEA to do some research. I was hungry when we headed over, but didn’t eat anything (in this case even the dollar cone would have made the difference to keep me from overeating at dinner.)

We drove home, and this, alas, is when things went to pieces – focaccia, caesar salad, fettuccine alfredo with chicken at Pomodoro in our neighborhood.


Their caesar salad is great – light, tangy, with crispy croutons that they make from their focaccia.

caesar salad.JPG

Usually I order a more modest dish, and end up being jealous of Devon’s fettuccine, so this time I just decided that I would choose pleasure and make up for it later. I did however restrain myself from getting the mini-tiramisu after dinner.


Tuesday Morning:

The day-light-savings lag has really been affecting me, so I accepted a ride to the coffee shop instead of walking. There were people doing tai-chi on the baseball diamond right by our house:

tai chi.JPG

We got to Starbucks, and I ordered my most current “usual” – a refresh tea with a splash of steamed soy.

refresh tea.JPG

They were also giving samples – delicious, delicious samples. I had a piece of a chocolate cup cake.


Then I had a breakfast burrito from Whole Foods – it tasted a little bit like pot pie… in a burrito. Perplexing.

breakfast burrito.JPG

My early snack was a siggi’s yogurt.


Into which I crumbled some oatmeal espresso chocolate chip cookies (vegan!) that my coworker Beth made. These cookies were really good.

cookies in yogurt.JPG

Lunch was a spinach salad with quinoa, red peppers, and marinated gigante beans. I added in some Braggs liquid aminos and raw apple cider vinegar.

quinoa salad.JPG

Dinner: a pita pizza, with a bunch of roasted broccoli and cauliflower.

dinner pizza.JPG

I was still hungry after dinner, and snuck in a little bowl of oatmeal with some chestnut paste and cocoa powder. It evaded the camera.

I’m hoping that I can get back on track quickly. After losing weight, a lot of effort can go into maintaining – I know what I’m supposed to do, but it doesn’t always happen. Being able to course correct is a crucial skill that I’m still working on 😉

Whisked Away

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Today I had two separate experiences across the bay! The first stop was to put some of our extra things in our storage in Hayward. Afterwards, we opted for lunch in Rockridge – including a quick stop at Market Hall – the place where I first got Rancho Gordo beans, so it holds a fond place in my heart.

It was a blissfully nice day out, so I opted for an iced coffee.


We then stopped at Cactus for some burritos – I had a fish burrito, with no rice, and plenty of cabbage salsa. (Yum.) I really liked my fish burrito, but Devon was not as much of a fan of his chile verde. The salsa is worth it though – cabbage and lots of lime!


We were pressed for time, and so I ate my burrito in the car. Which was good, because not only did we get slightly lost trying to get on the highway, we also had to brave the extra traffics.

fish burrito.JPG

I had reason to hurry, because Tara Austen Weaver was coming to speak at Omnivore today about her new book ‘The Butcher and the Vegetarian‘. Her story about growing up vegetarian, and then facing decisions about joining our cult of carnivores…

This is her about to explain to us her first experiences with barbecued bacon. Actually, reminiscing about the moment of disbelief that she was actually going to eat this stuff – actually going through with it.

barbecue bacon.JPG

But before she started, Celia had a treat for me:

This chocolate covered, caramel-y, toffee crunchy goodness.

chocolaty thing.JPG

After the talk, filled with cute children:

not a baby.JPG

Supportive friends in red shoes (it’s a tea and cookies thing…)

red shoes.JPG

I went home jazzed – mostly because I get to see more of the lovely Tara tomorrow at a fabulous photography workshop. But also, because I started thinking to myself… hmm.. I could go for some meat. (Which is not a usual thing…)

And when I came home, my desires were seconded….

So I got whisked away on a romantic date….. to AD HOC.

We had:

Salad of Escarole Hearts, and romaine lettuce with shaved radish, candied walnuts, kalamata olives, asian pears, garlic croutons, and white anchovy dressing. (The dressing was so good that I was offered a little dish of it after the waiter noticed me desperately wiping the plate clean with bread… I politely declined because asking for more dressing after you’ve finished your salad is the sign of a glutton.)


Herb Crusted Colorado Lamb Sirloin, with broccoli rabe from the French Laundry garden, roasted cauliflower, the creamiest polenta topped with a golden raisin and caper relish. [The broccoli rabe was crisped like kale chips, and the lamb was painfully delicious.]


The cheese course was one of my favorites: Tumalo Farm’s Pondhopper, from Bend, Oregon, with roasted peppers, arugula and a sweet onion soffrito.

cheese course.JPG

And for dessert:

Some blissful Tiramisu with homemade lady fingers, and this lovely and light mascarpone cream. It was mighty tasty, although I must admit not nearly as boozy as if I were to make it myself…. Then again, I don’t have very much restraint, so this is a more refined version.


I finished with a cup of french press coffee, and a permanent smile on my face that might not go away for two weeks.

french press.JPG

A perfect evening.

Pantry Meals

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Evening everyone!

I’m writing this as I watch some particularly mind-numbing television including a couple of ANTM episodes, and currently the reality series “High Society” on the CW. My brain is about to explode.

After I got over my morning rain blues, I ate some breakfast:

Jook – Korean rice porridge. I’m a sucker for trying new things from Kukje market (in Daly City), and a savory rice porridge is right up my alley. Granted, I couldn’t actually read the directions as only the label with nutrition info and ingredients was in English, but things ended up pretty nicely.


I opened the rice bowl, dumped in the packed of green tea powder, furikake (seaweed topping), and what I can only assume were little crunchy dried fish balls?

porridge with ochazuke.JPG

It was savory, warming, and delicious, and exactly what I was wanting.

rice porridge.JPG

After breakfast I continued to work on errands, until I was hungry enough for lunch. I opted for a sandwich with guacamole, dill, and sardines. I’m not eating nearly as much fish as I used to (ie: in New England where fish was plentiful, less expensive, and of higher quality), so I’ve been trying to eat sardines more often.

sardine sandwich.JPG

After lunch, I headed to Omnivore Books to cover for Celia as she took her blab (beagle + black lab) Jolene to the vet 🙁 Poor Jolene has been feeling sickly, possibly because she tried to eat Max Watman’s book on Moonshine.

After a couple of hours at the bookstore I ate a snack: a soft gingerbread cookie filled with nuts and fruit. They were good, I think, not great.

weissella.jpg (Photo: Sarah Gilbert, Slashfood)

After Celia came back, I ended up staying at the bookstore to listen to Andy Smith talk about the historical moments in food in America. I’ll soon be reading his new book Eating History: Thirty Turning Points in the Making of American Cuisine. (It’s going on my always grown stack). I was particularly fascinated about some of the historical health and diet movements, including Sylvester Graham’s diet (creator of the Graham cracker) and the health movements propagated by religious communities including the Seventh Day Adventists. These are definitely things I look forward to reading more about.

Doesn’t he look a bit like Stephen Colbert?

Andrew Smith.JPG

After the talk I came home and made dinner:

Refried beans, guacamole, a fried egg, with a quesadilla on the side made with Cabot Tika Masala cheddar that Cabot Creamery sent me to try. I have to admit I was totally skeptical of this when I got it, and it’s truly a delicious product. It’s a simple block of cheddar that has been dusted in some general south asian spices which give it this great flavoring with a hint of sweetness. (I’m not sure if this is on the market yet, but if it is, it’s worth a try).

eggs and beans.JPG

After dinner, I wanted something sweet, so I made myself a single serve oatmeal chocolate chip “cookie” in a bowl. Oatmeal, a little brown sugar, a tiny bit of flour, some Barney butter, chocolate pieces, and some half and half. A little too sweet perhaps, but exactly what I was looking for.

oatmeal cookie bowl.JPG

The news is on, I better turn this thing off before I really lose my mind.

‘Night everyone.

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