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Fried Green Tomatoes and Take-out Cambodian

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I just watched Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time in my life.

It was a shockingly moving film, and there were a few moments where I was sitting there bawling my eyes out. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really good movie, and this certainly filled the void. There’s nothing like watching a movie with empowered women, with some great food tie ins.


As far as my own food today…. It wasn’t quite the exercise in moderation I would have liked.

And – I left my camera at work!!!

This afternoon we had an incredible wine event at the bookstore with Kermit Lynch, a delightful man responsible for putting some of the best wines in the world on people’s radar. Somehow in the rush of the crowd I ended up leaving without grabbing it from the counter top. I’ll get it tomorrow, but it’s disappointing because I forgot how problematic my old point and shoot is to actually get a photo!

Exercise: Alas only 3300 steps for the day. But I think I’m going to get in a little strength workout as soon as the food digests.

Lunch: A plain Siggi yogurt, a small avocado, and an organic pink lady apple.

Snack: Well, I wasn’t going to eat anything after that, but my friend Stephanie brought me a delicious scone from Lovejoy’s tea house! Lovejoy’s is a spectacular tea shop that is a little like walking into a british grandmother’s parlor.

Snack 2: I came home and Devon had made some deviled eggs! I love deviled eggs, and ended up eating about 4 halves. They were delicious!

Dinner ended up being Cambodian take out from Angkor Borei on Mission. They have this really light cambodian crepe which is my favorite dish on the menu. We also shared some brown rice, chicken with cashews, and ground pork and shrimp with eggplant. Everything was as delicious as always, but I ate a little too much!

crispy cambodian crepe.JPG

Hopefully I’ll get to bed soon – because today was exhausting!

I’m continuing on the empowering women theme and watching some Police Women of Broward County…

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