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Last Minute Breakfasts

Posted: February 15th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: | No Comments »

I woke up this morning late. I actually nearly slept through the 7 AM alarm that Devon has set (I’m the alarm turn-off’er), and then proceeded to sleep for another two hours. I’m attributing it to the sugar high from yesterday’s dessert.


I pulled out my new bag of Blue Bottle Bella Donovan Coffee to grind some up for my morning cup. (The coffee in this town is fresh, fresh, fresh. Most of the local roasters put the date roasted on the bags, and encourage you to drink it within a week else it becomes slightly bitter. It’s a good practice that makes SUCH a difference in the cup.


Breakfast this morning wasn’t oatmeal! I wasn’t in an oatmeal mood, so I looked through my fridge for proper open faced sandwich toppings. I had to throw out a container of farmers cheese, and another one of hummus because somehow I didn’t eat them fast enough 🙁

Ultimately settled on this slightly odd combo of my Alvarado Bread, and some leftover black bean soup mixed with corn salsa and cheese, which when cold spreads like hummus! It’s mighty tasty.

I’m off for a long day at the bookstore. And, my new homework module at Integrative Nutrition is up. Looking forward to it!!

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