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Media Fast

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I’ve started on a week long media-fast. At least, my version of a media fast, which is more like a “restricted media diet”. I plan on checking my mail twice a day, at noon and 5pm. My RSS feed will remain unchecked until next week. And I’m not going to watch inordinate amounts of television.

Somewhere in the middle of this week I realized I really needed it when

a) I became drastically unproductive,

b) I became lazy and sedentary, and didn’t get in much exercise,

c) I started eating things and not recording them because I was “busy” reading blogs, and surfing the internet.

So here is a re-cap of some of my food over the past few days.

This morning: Iced Coffee a reward for a long walk before work.

iced coffee

Lunch – which I’m currently eating, is from Whole Foods. I know I need to wean myself off getting things from their salad bar, but at home it’s not as easy to make a spinach, quinoa, black bean, hijiki, chickpea, cabbage, red pepper, gigante bean and barbecue chicken salad! (Which I topped with Braggs and Cider Vinegar).


Dinner Two Nights Ago: Chicken Tinga (chicken and onions in an adobo sauce) over mashed potatoes with roasted root vegetables and a spinach salad. This was a partial convenience meal – I got the chicken and mashed potatoes at Bi-Rite market, a locally owned and operated market on the “Gastro” corridor of 18th street.

Chicken Tinga 

A few days ago in the mail, I received the most thoughtful gift! A Beater Blade!!! The Beater Blade is an attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer which adequately scrapes the sides of the mixer so that you get much better mixing without having to constantly scrape down the sides.

So naturally I had to make cookies!! I was debating testing out a recipe, but I happened to have a box of Kodiak Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Bear Country Cookies from the Fancy Food Show that I wanted to try. The plan was to make the dough, and freeze half of it in single cookie portions.

What really ended up happening is that they were so delicious that in addition to some of the baked cookies, I ended up eating three balls of frozen cookie dough last night. These cookies are like crack. I’m definitely going to order more boxes of these, but they will require some better discipline on my part.

kodiak cookies

Another sign that I needed a media fast was that I ended up having a few extra cups of coffee over a few days. Normally my consumption is limited to one mug for pleasure purposes in the mornings, not particularly as a caffeine source.

When I start craving coffee in the afternoons, I know that it is because I haven’t adequately hydrated and exercised.

And yet here I am – coffee for lunch with some sauteed greens, edamame, eggs, and papalote salsa. At least some greens!

Feb 22 025

And again, coffee as an afternoon snack with a bowl of whole grain cream of wheat (a sample that was sent to me, because I can’t yet find the stuff on this coast).

Feb 22 037

Dinner yesterday: a bowl of brown rice with a little scoop of vegetable orzo on top.

Feb 22 040

Which I then decided to top with some yogurt, and add a hardboiled egg. Not pictured was the nori sheet I ate while it was heating up. And then the shaving of cheese I put on top. Another sign that I need some balance in my life – when the food I’m eating become progressively weirder and weirder.

Feb 22 043

And so hopefully, things will start getting back to normal.

I made sure to write a to do list last night, and go over it this morning.

I’ll still continue blogging – the goal is OUTPUT, not input. Already, I’ve been about four times as productive today. I’ve gone on a walk, written emails, followed up on some loose ends, and even managed time to finish my quick review of Marcia Gagliardi’s new book: Marcia Gagliardi’s ‘The Tablehopper’s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco’. Here’s to continuing the good streak!

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