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Operation Beautiful: The Power of the Smallest Actions

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(Photo: Alexandrea,

Just a few words can make a drastic positive impact on someone’s day.

“You’re Pretttttttty.”

“No YOU are pretty!!!”

Its an exchange that happens routinely between my group of friends. It’s silly, but those two words can be so powerful and immediately make my day take a turn for the better. And with this happiness, it’s easier to continue to make positive choices such as making the extra effort to exercise or choosing a more nutritious food option. Those two words can make all the difference. And the greatest part is, it doesn’t matter if you are the person giving positive words, or receiving them – everyone ends up sharing the happy fuzzy feelings.

Enter a great website with the mission of spreading happiness:

Operation Beautiful was started by a woman named Caitlin with the mission of reducing “Fat Talk” and other negative thoughts that can be so toxic to health. When you remind people that they are indeed beautiful, you help build positive self-esteem and brighten someone’s day so that they too might be inclined to make more healthy choices throughout the day. You also are brightening your own day. It’s amazing how writing someone else a simple note can be a joyful act in itself.

If you want to participate in Operation Beautiful – it’s simple: take a piece of paper and a pen, and post an anonymous note in a public place for someone else to find. (writing on the bottom is optional, but will help people spread the love.) If you want to go public, take a picture of your note and send it to [email protected] so Caitlin can post it on the site.  


(Photo: April,

More ideas to spread happiness:

:: At my high school there was a group called “Random Acts of Kindness” that would routinely get together and perform random acts of kindness on the campus body. Sometimes they would be in the halls handing out flowers, other times you would open your campus mailbox and find a collection of goodies that they had randomly sent you. This is a great thing to start at home, your office, or at your school.

:: Spend a few dollars on a sheet of ladybug or heart stickers, and walk through your neighborhood offering them to strangers. This can be particularly difficult for those who aren’t natural social butterflies, but the initial nervousness about approaching strangers will immediately go away when you see their surprise and they break into a huge smile.

:: Color Me Katie – Katie Sokoler of is an amazing freelance photographer and street artist who makes easily re-creatable projects to make people happy. Some of my favorite endeavors featured on her blog include these footprints drawn on her sidewalk in chalk, sticking mini hearts all over her neighborhood, and placing paper eyes on inanimate objects to “immediately give them personality”. You can’t help but smile!



(Photos: Katie Sokoler,

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