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8 Healthy Breakfasts

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How many days do you wake up and consume only a cup of coffee before heading out to work? We all know that eating breakfast is the right choice – but how often do we just live our lives skipping that oh-so-important meal? If you aren’t in the habit of eating breakfast – start now! Here are eight of my favorite breakfasts – ranging from traditional, to not so traditional.

1. Oatmeal: Cook a pot of steel cut oats at the beginning of the week. Serve yourself 1/2 a cup of cooked oats, with an optional 1/2 cup of milk (or almond milk), a tablespoon of nut butter. When you get into the habit of eating oatmeal, you can have a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I add coconut butter, or dried fruit, or maple syrup, or fresh berries. I’ll stir in a spoonful of nutella for a sweet kick, or go savory and add spinach, garlic and soy sauce.

2. Open faced sandwich – A slice of whole grain toast, topped with a tablespoon of nut butter (peanut, or go peanut free – I like Barney Butter) and a large orange. Or, instead of nut butter, I might top it with hummus, and serve it with carrot sticks or red bell pepper.

3. Whole Grain Pancakes – Make your own pancake mix, or use a healthy (just add water) mix such as Bob’s Red Mill, or Kodiak Cakes flapjack mix. I like these because I can make myself a single pancake, and not have to crack open any eggs. Top with 1/2 cup of fresh berries such as raspberries or blueberries, and a tablespoon of real maple syrup.

4. Eggs – 2 egg omelet with 1/2 cup chunky salsa. If I’m hungry, I’ll add a half cup or so of cooked beans as well. Also tastes delicious with a boatload of spinach.

5. Yogurt cup – 1/2 cup of plain, full fat yogurt. Top with 1/4 cup granola or rolled oats, a tablespoon of jam, and if desired some sweetener such as a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup. Add fresh berries if you have any.

6. Cereal –  If you adore cereal, look for cereals with HIGH FIBER (5 grams per serving or more), and LOW SUGAR. A favorite of mine is Trader Joe’s High Fiber Oh’s. Stick to the serving size, and actually portion out the cereal rather than pouring directly into the bowl.

7. Overnight Oats – The night before, add half a cup of rolled oats (raw), 1/4 cup of yogurt, and 1/4 cup of milk or almond milk. Top with a few dashes of cinnamon, and stir. In the morning, take it out, give it a stir, and eat! Sometimes I pour some real maple syrup or honey on in the morning as well, and top with fruit if I have some.

8. Turkish Breakfast – a small slice (1 ounce or so) of Turkish white cheese (brands such as Valbreso or use feta), a few slices each of cucumber and tomato, a few olives. And a hard boiled egg if desired. Serve with a slice of toast or pita, and honey or jam to drizzle.

Morning Sunshine!

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This morning I walked with my cup of coffee over to Omnivore Books to have breakfast at Peter Reinhart’s bread talk. I’ll write more about it on thesecondlunch – but meanwhile, here are a few pictures of my breakfast.

I ate one of these:


A little on of these:

buttermilk biscuits.JPG

A little bite of one of these:


And two bites of this:


Odd Food Habits

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I’ve been taking the day to get some errands out of the way. In the house, because it was raining for most of the day – why does it always rain on my days that I’m not working in a specific place?

I ate my way through some food leftovers, which leads to some of my odd food habits:

For breakfast, the last of my Goan Black Eyed Pea Curry, from ‘5 Spices, 50 Dishes’  which I added a few squirts of sriracha. I wanted a little bit of fire!! I also had a cup of gingerbread coffee. I know that curry sounds a little wacky for breakfast, but it’s really quite satisfying.

goan curry.JPG

I continued on my clearing out the fridge project with:

The last of my steel cut oats topped with two eggs, and some papalote salsa. This might sound awfully weird, but I assure you it tastes good.

oatmeal and eggs.JPG

These are just the beginning of my odd food habits. What are some of yours?

Chocolate for Lunch

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I don’t eat very much cereal anymore. (Other than oatmeal of course). At my parents house we used to have a cereal drawer worthy of an episode of Seinfeld, but somehow, I’m just not as inclined to pour myself a bowl as much as I used to.

Nevertheless, we still have a little shelf of decent selection: Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Raisin Bran, Gorilla Munch, Cocoa Puffs, and Cracklin’ Oat Bran. When choosing a cereal, I look for high fiber per serving (5+ grams), and of course it has to taste delicious.


This morning I woke up and had a cereal craving. I poured a bowl of Trader Joe’s High Fiber Oh’s. This stuff is really, really good. Nutty and flavorful, they have this great texture that only stands up to the milk, and don’t get easily soggy. I poured in a cup of Straus whole milk – including the cream top.

Whole milk you say? Isn’t that fattening? Unhealthy? Well, no. I don’t drink all that much milk, but when I do, I drink whole milk because it is more filling, and I find that the fat content actually keeps me satiated for longer when I add it to my cereal. Plus, a cream top is absolutely delicious.


The cereal kept me tided through until late afternoon, when I ended up having a “lunch” of Recchuti hot chocolate. Michael Recchiuti and Fran Gage were at Omnivore to talk about their book ‘Chocolate Obession‘, and kindly brought us all some delicious hot chocolate to sip on. Fran also made some olive oil truffles, but I didn’t get to try any!! The hot chocolate tasted rich and sinful, but made traditionally with just a blend of chocolate and water – so I deem it as “healthy”. (I know, I know, but I can pretend….)

hot chocolate.JPG

After work I headed out for a quick walk, to get in more steps for the day. The past few days I’ve been pretty sedentary, and I need to get back into the swing of things. I’m not sure what was going on, but it seemed as though the crazy people were out this evening. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but I sat for a few minutes and watched a man gesticulating wildly on the top of a trashcan. He was having some sort of drug induced delusions, but didn’t seem to be harming himself.

And then I got complimented on my feet, and propositioned for a two hour foot massage from a gentleman watching the debacle with me. I wasn’t sure whether or not to be creeped out or not, but he seemed normal enough, and I politely declined.

I didn’t end up getting home until 6 pm, and got started on a quick dinner. I made a big leafy salad with balsamic vinaigrette, red peppers, and chickpeas. For our main dish, I made a bulgur pilaf with some fire roasted tomatoes, and fried up some chicken chorizo sausages and mixed them in. One pot, pretty satisfying stuff.

bulgur and chicken sausage.JPG

Tonight is a pretty relaxed evening – we are watching Sunshine Cleaning, and I’m already starting looking forward to tomorrow’s Candlelight Yoga (which I have already registered for – so I can’t back out now!).

Night everyone!

Breakfast Hack: Oatmeal in a Jar

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This is my breakfast today!

A jar of Nutella!!


Ok, so it’s actually my oatmeal…

My Nutella jar was just about empty, with just a teaspoon or two of nutella still clinging to the sides. Rather than just tossing it into the recycling, I put my hot oatmeal in the jar, and then it melts the remaining nutella, and you get some chocolate hazelnut goodness in every bite!

This is also the perfect solution for peanut butter jars, jam jars, or anything else that might normally taste good stirred into oatmeal.

Now, normally if it is glass jar, I’ll just stick my oatmeal into the jar and microwave it. But this being nutella, which is a) plastic, and b) has tiny gold foil bits from the lid sticking to the rim, microwaving is not advisable and may cause sparks in your microwave. This I may or may not have learned from experience. Dumping the warmed oatmeal in works just fine.


Now, I know that Nutella isn’t the greatest food nutritionally, but in limited quantities – just a teaspoon or two! will add excellent chocolat-y goodness to your morning oats. I highly recommend it.


What are your favorite jars for oatmeal??

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