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Vegetable-Craze Dinner

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Dinner tonight was an all-vegetable extravaganza. (I can only do this on Devon’s late nights, so I take advantage of it!!) The key idea here is to eat as many vegetables that I can, both to give myself a nutritional boost, and reduce the contents of my refrigerator.

Part One: Over the weekend I roasted an acorn squash to make space for the new vegetables from my farm box. It was now smaller, but I hadn’t eaten it yet. So for dinner, I mashed it.


I then topped the mashed squash with a fried egg. The great thing about acorn squash is that it requires absolutely nothing to be delicious. And there is almost nothing you can add to make it any better… except for the oozing yolk of a fried egg. (Although that, in my opinion, elevates most everything to a new level of deliciousness.)

squasheggsand greens.JPG

I served it with sauteed beet greens and cabbage, with ginger, garlic, coriander and cumin, which I had fried up in a little bit of coconut oil. I have a big jar of virgin coconut oil that Tropical Traditions sent me to try, and I find it particularly useful for anything with indian flavors, and particularly greens.


In addition to my greens, squash and egg, I made my second dish this week from Ruta Kahate’s ‘5 Spices, 50 Dishes ‘, this time the sauteed beets with mustard and lemon juice. I’ve rarely met a beet dish that I dish that I didn’t like, and this one was pleasantly satisfying – the earthy beets were nicely complemented by the spicy mustard seed, chiles and tangy lemon juice.


After dinner I was still feeling like a needed a little something, but unsure what, so I toasted the last English muffin (so it wouldn’t go bad!) and ate one half with some reduced-fat cheddar from Cabot, and the other half with a tablespoon of crunchy Barney Butter, and a few teaspoons of Nutella. Sweet and Savory goodness!

english muffin snack.JPG

And now, off to bed!! It’s late!

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