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Wine, Cheese, and Fried Food.

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It’s a light breakfast this morning to make up for last nights gluttony. I got in my 10,000 steps yesterday, but taking public transportation home from Oakland took me over an hour and a half. Sleepy!!!!

oatmeal maple syrup.JPG

I decided to skip the coffee for some ginger tea – just a nob of ginger steeped in some hot water, and some steel cut oats with a little bit of maple syrup. I made Devon’s with banana, and then decided I would steal some banana because his was looking pretty good.

oatmeal with one banana.JPG

* * *

Last night’s meet-up was with some of my favorite food blogging friends.

We started out at Gordo on Solano Ave. in Berkeley, to “prime our stomachs” for the upcoming wine tasting. I ordered the carnitas gordo plate, with no rice, and extra beans. It came with little corn tortillas. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so great, but I went ahead and ate my way through it anyway.


Then we headed up Solano over to Xocolate, where I had about 2 ounces of their delicious sipping chocolate. This stuff is only really good chocolate and water, but is as sinful as any extra cream based versions. Delicious!!


I also got a Fleur de Sel Caramel, which were just coming out of Malena’s kitchen. They were excellent.


We then headed over to Solano Cellars, for a little bit of a wine and cheese tasting. The first cheese was a Jasper Hill lambic beer-washed Winnimere, with membrillo (quince paste) with almonds.


And then some Lincolnshire Poacher Cheddar and Frog Hollow peach chutney.


We had two bottles of wine (I had about two ounces of each). The Copain Pinot Noir for our red selection, and the Clayhouse Wines Adobe White, a blend, which was absolutely delicious.


We ate one more cheese course – a Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche goat cheese, with rose confit jam, and roasted pecans.

cheese and rose jam.JPG

After our wine and cheese experience, I was pretty full… but somehow someone suggested House of Chicken and Waffles, and that’s an impossible one to turn down.

I had a quarter of this waffle.


And, save me, these deep fried beef livers. I’m a sucker for liver, but really thought that these were going to come pan seared with onions. Nope!


To be honest, I’m not feeling too well from all of this food!

I’m taking a bit of a rest day, and planning on eating as simply as possible!!

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